I am addicted to you - Comfortable clothes need to be discarded for your own good 1

Comfortable clothes need to be discarded for your own good



Plan Ahead


It’s a good idea to pick out your outfit the night before €” or even Sunday, before the week begins €” so you’re not scrambling to find something last minute. This way, if you do snooze one time too many, your look will be waiting, ready to go.


Ditch Anything That Doesn’t Flatter Your Body


I recently went through my wardrobe, making sure I was honest with myself: did this item actually fit me? Was it giving off that “polished” message I was trying to achieve? If not, it went in the donate pile. I also got rid of a good portion of slouchy pants, preventing myself from resorting to them on lazy mornings (it just leads to regret).


Embrace the Best of Both Worlds


It’s possible to combine elevated and comfortable:  culottes  and  wide-leg pants  are two trends I’m totally behind. Both styles feel like pajamas, but look like the complete opposite, which is basically the best of both worlds if you ask me.


Find Some Inspiration


Bloggers have an annoying little habit of always looking on-point: they wear heels, rock form-fitting dresses, and are always photo shoot ready. While it may be their job to do this, I find they’re a great source of  outfit inspiration  as I’m getting ready.


Keep Your Clothes Clean


And by that, I mean do laundry. You might be surprised at how easy it is to put together a killer look when you’re able to choose from  all  of your options €” I know I am!


Travel With Flats


My morning commute is a rough one, so I don’t have the time to hobble around in heels. On days where I’m looking for a boost, I travel with flats and change my shoes once I’m at the office €” a style choice that elongates my body and really makes all the difference.


Think About the Greats


Does Anna Wintour try to “make leggings work”? How about Karl Lagerfeld? Even  Kim Kardashian  opts for something sexy over cozy, and she’s due in December. You can definitely wear that floral skirt today. You’ve got this.


Get Nostalgic


Remember that time you felt underdressed because everyone was wearing heels and you showed up in sneakers? Or that photo with your BFF where you look somewhat disheveled and have no idea why you chose to wear a  hoodie? Nothing will get you into fashion-forward outfit faster than looking back on the not-so-great ones.