Combine High Socks

8 Fun Ways To Combine High Socks With Your Outfit

Take a minute to learn how to combine high socks with different outfits and you’ll be thanking us later.

We hear that socks have had enough. After  years of being tucked into shoes, under jeans, under skirts (and frequently under the bed), it’s finally time for socks to catch some (well deserved) spotlight and get appreciation.

No, of course, not any kind of socks. We’re talking here about fun size socks, those super stylish ones. We’re going to show you how to combine high socks with your outfits for a few good reasons.

Learn how to combine high socks with your outwear for the distinctive and original style

Girls who like to combine high socks with their daily wear already know that this usually overlooked piece of clothing is not only a fabulous way to uplift your ensemble. Thigh high socks come along with the magic of making your pins look longer and slimmer. Yes, it does sound like a fairytale, but it’s true. A pair of simple long socks can extend your legs and give your look a distinctive stylish touch. Use a thick pair of high socks to warm up your winter and a pair of sexy, patterned, see-through socks for the warm spring days. They look very attractive when worn paired with a skirt or a pair of boots and they also perfectly fit with the denim shorts and flats.

Don’t ditch the knee high socks either – these humble accessories can work perfectly with your wardrobe too if styled properly. They bring the retro back and are a great choice for uplifting a schoolgirl uniform or sporting a grungy style.

We’re bringing you a few examples of how to embrace this fashion wonder and avoid turning it into a fashion blunder.

#1 Cool and sexy look backed up by thigh-high socks and ankle boots


#2 Chic spring look with high socks


#3 Casual


#4 Hipster chic


#5 Schoolgirl look


#6 Grunge princess


#7 Short denims and high socks


#8 Girly