cold season

COLD SEASON – Strengthen immunity in a natural way

Cold and flu season is here!

Remember those days when you wanted to go out, but you couldn’t and had to stay home because you had caught a cold? And instead of having fun with your friends, you had to be in bad, all sweaty and grumpy, wrapped up in the blanket? Well, that’s what it happens when your immune system is weak.

A weak immune system is considered the biggest culprit for many seasonal diseases, especially colds and flu, and we usually react after we feel the first symptoms of the disease. Instead, we would recommend that you act preventively   and do as much as you can to protect your health and immune system.

How to prevent a cold – great tips for staying healthy

We bring you ten great tips and tricks that strengthen the immune system which you should always practice if you want to spend this winter season healthy and functional.

1. Get a good night’s sleep and control the stress in your life – because the lack of it will result in an increase the hormone cortisol, which slows down and suppresses the work of the immune system.

2. Avoid tobacco smoke because it adversely affects the immune system and causes bronchitis and pneumonia in adults and in children, as well as inflammation of the middle ear.

3. Drink less alcohol or avoid it completely, because it’s consumption increases the risk of various lung infections. The body loses it strength because the alcohol is a toxin that needs to be eliminated. So, when you drink it, a great deal of pressure is put on your liver to get your body rid of it.

4. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds that will give your body nutrients necessary for a strong immune system. They are rich in vitamins and minerals that are crucial for the good functioning of your body processes.