I am addicted To You - Coco Rocha Has Plenty Of Beauty Tips For All Pale Skinned Women 5

Coco Rocha Has Plenty Of Beauty Tips For All Pale Skinned Women


World famous super model Coco Rocha charmed the world with her exquisite bone structure and pearly white skin tone years ago. Basically, she is an ideal super model, a perfect example of what an ideal runway star looks like.


Because of her experience and vast knowledge about the world of fashion, she appeared on the front cover of Vogue and mentored young models on The Face magazine. Catwalk regular recently did a photo-shoot for Clarisonic €“ Keith Haring collaboration, and gave us a vast array of beauty tips.


Coca recently became a mom, and we asked her about her post baby routine. She says that there is most definitely less amount of time in the day, and that she has to do everything while the baby is napping or is in a good mood. While the baby is in the crib, Coca always puts her skin care products.


Working out is not a problem at all, says Rocha. Her baby currently weighs 20 pounds, and simply carrying her around made her arms strong. When she does feel the need for a good workout she finds video tutorials on YouTube for working out with a baby. So, whenever you don’t find the time to book a gym session, grab your baby and have some fun with it. It is both healthy and a great bonding experience


In regards to skin protection problems, she has plenty of tips. As a fair skinned girl, she uses plenty of sunscreen. Kiehl’s SPF is her favorite for years because it does not irritate her skin. Besides that, she advises drinking plenty of water and eating healthy. She is not on a diet, but eating healthy is not a problem for her since she happens to enjoy healthy food.