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Clever Ways To Dress Like A Boss

Women who indulge in power dressing or chic bespoke clothing types give out an alternate new-age resemble no other. Ladies are strong, fierce and have assumed control over the meeting room, which implies their style sense has additionally experienced a sea change. Work spot or business style has increased enormous consideration and popularity.

Whether you are working for a corporate house, media house or a fashion firm, styling yourself the right way, similar to a boss can go far in molding your career. By paying a little thought to your work wear you can now govern the roost in less demanding ways than you suspected!




Here’s the means by which you can take a cue and update your design remainder at work and make head’s turn to look proficient yet chic.


1. I Mean Business Suits



These can be your closest companion at the work place. Get sharp customized separates from branded attire shopping centers or get them custom-made. Embrace pant suits in colors like grey, black, navy blue, white and pair them up with your trusty neutral pumps, pearls, or solitaires, pair of fun glasses, wedges and a smooth up-do to finish your don’t disturb me look that would definitely reclassify power.


2. Powerful Pencil Skirts



Pencil skirts can be you work environment closet staple. What better approach to turn out as a diva than in a snug, knee length pencil skirt and a silk blouse or crisp white shirt, belt and stilettos. Stick to dark shades ideally, you can also get checked or self printed ones for a cutting edge look.


3. A Bodycon Or Sheath Dress



No, dresses are not implied for gatherings or brunches only. You can extremely well work dresses in a meeting room too. A well fitted and customized dress with a not very short hemline makes for an incredible work wear. Avoid diverting prints, rather settle on plain, checkered, self printed, simple bodycon or sheath pieces. Complete your look with a sleek ponytail and pumps or flats and blur the line in the middle of formal and fun. Simply verify you have a good figure to display and amp up your power play!


4. Classic Blazers



Blazers are your go-to fashion favourite for the work place and can be worn in a several ways than one. Wear it with a fine shirt and jeans or knee length dress or formal pants or the great old pencil skirts. Embrace hues like midnight blue, black, grey or white and you are ready with your poised look!


5. Count On Culottes



Wide-legged culottes arrive to stay this season. You can browse a wide variety of dark shades or even pastel ones, they even hide the additional flab. Wear your culottes with boxy blouses or waist coat, sky high pumps in neutral shade. Much the same as that you can put forth a polished and powerful proclamation.

As should be obvious, dressing like a boss isn’t that troublesome until and unless you know your body shape and structure. Dress like a boss and you will feel elated and will likewise appreciate the certainty it gives you.