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Classybusiness Style Jewelry


It’s easy enough to strap on a lot of jewelry when you’re going out with friends, since that’s a fun affair and there’s only a small chance you can do anything wrong, but wearing jewelry with your work clothes is far from easy. In order to maintain the appropriate level of professionalism, we need to make sure the jewelry is no overtly extravagant while still keeping it visible.



First thing you need to pay attention to is the nature of your work position. If it demands formal clothing you need to keep the jewelry in the same fashion too €“ think circular earrings, white gold bracelets and small medallions around your neck. If you need or like to wear dress shirts than be on a lookout for cool looking cufflinks €“ they look amazing and usually only men wear them which is a big mistake since they look awesome on ladies too.


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If you can wear clothes such as jeans and t-shirts to work than friendship bracelets and wooden jewelry is perfectly acceptable. Remember not to wear a whole lot of them though, and if you do usually, take off about half of them while working. Wear big earing with long flowery skirts too, they look particularly amazing during autumn.



If you are willing to bring a dose of retro goodness to you attire, pay attention to any good brosch you might find. Even better, you can scout the internet or vintage stores for a really old, original one, and strap it to your blazer or a skirt. They are usually gold or silver, with nice jewels inside, and we think they look amazing.



Remember the tiaras too, they are absolutely chic right now and a lot of the models wore them duing all three major fashion weeks.