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From the most incomprehensible utilization to the most uncommon citrus fruits, Citruspedia reveals an insight into every one of the subjects encompassing the great world of citrus fruits.

The texts and infographics make Citruspedia the first finish citrus fruit guide, vital to enter a world made of certainties and data scented by the sweet and special flavors of Sicily.



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With sweet, salty and bitter it’s one of the primary flavors our palate can taste. Ions actuate the tongue’s nerve receptors. Encountering an exceptionally acid flavor can make you squint.



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The Sicilian Blood Orange gets its name from the one of a kind, world-well known area in which it is developed. The volcanic soil encompassing Mount Etna and the variation in temperature, which exchanges in the middle of hot and cold, delivers the anthocyanin pigments that give the oranges that greatly extreme red colour and make them an intense natural antioxidant. The Blood Orange comes in three varieties: Tarocco, Moro and Sanguinello.



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Chinotto is a little round citrus fruit, about the measure of a ping pong ball. Its bitterish taste gives it an exceptional and unmistakable flavor which implies it is not perfect as a table orange. The extract of the bittersweet chinotto fruit is utilized to create the prevalent Italian refreshment that bears the fruit’s name and makes it absolutely unique. Chinotto is one of the citrus fruits that is little known outside Italy, despite the fact that it begins from the orange and this is the place it gets its aromatic taste and extreme aroma.



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Dried citrus slices are a simple approach to keep new the smell and the fragrance of the citrus fruits lasting through the year.

You can utilize them to enliven candles, make garlands or basically for perfumed structures. The dried peel can also be utilized to enrich your dishes.



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It’s the pulp of each fruit. That of citrus fruits is made out of slices that have minor vesicles that encase the citrus fruits’ juice.



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Flavonoids are phytochemical mixes present in high amounts in citrus fruit. Some late chemical studies have demonstrated that standard dietary flavonoid utilization has as defensive impact on human health.

The biological properties of flavonoids incorporate an antioxidant activity that moderates the ageing procedure in cells, incitement of the safe system and regulation of metabolic procedures. Flavonoids are good for you and citrus fruits are packed with them. So get eating!



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The grapefruit is one of the most seasoned citrus fruits in presence however its origins are still a mystery! It seems to begin from an abnormal cross-reproducing in the middle of orange and pomelo, an ancient fruit which, together with the citron and the mandarin, speaks to the most established type of citrus fruit. Its scientific name is Citrus Paradisi, meaning paradise fruit.



The harvest of citruses is the most essential piece of all the development procedure of these valuable fruits. There are two unique procedures to do it. The first is to take the fruit off the tree with a torsion, the second cutting the fruit off with dedicated scissors.