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Chuck E. Cheese Just Introduced Millennials Friendly Menu


Ladies and gentlemen, or boys and girls, rather, Chuck E. Cheese’s is no more “playing games with [your] food!”

That was the promise made to faithful Chuck E. Cheese’s clients in recent news encompassing the chain’s attempt to reexamine its food menu. That is to say, it couldn’t simply depend on pizza everlastingly, you know!


Well, really, it may have the capacity to. All things considered, Chuck E. Cheese’s did beat Pizza Hut in a national taste test for pizza. Be that as it may, at any rate!

As per Foodbeast, the organization will be presenting a macintosh and cheese pizza in October, in addition to its large number of new menu things already presented.

Other new dishes, which are available now, incorporate churros, boneless wings and regular thin-crust pizzas.


What’s more, to finish it all off, Chuck E. Cheese’s thought of this splendid tagline:

We’re not playing games with our food any longer.

As if things couldn’t possibly get any better, the chain will just offer the macintosh and cheese pizza for a span of time before supplanting it with another restricted time menu thing.

Along these lines, in case you’re searching for motivation to hit up Chuck E. Cheese’s, this may be it.

In any case, I’d hold up until October! How would you be able to leave behind macintosh and cheese topped pizza?!