I am addicted to you - Christina and Brian Shaw of Shaw Photography Co 18

Christina and Brian Shaw of Shaw Photography Co

WHY: I’m going to skip the prep talk and get right to the point: Christina and Brian Shaw of Shaw Photography are those artists you hire when photography is at the top list of your want for the wedding. They are amazing at their job. And while it’s exciting to find people this good anywhere, it’s great when you find them outside of the common suspects (aka San Francisco, New York, DC, and LA). Normally based out of Buffalo, Shaw Photography is taking their show on the road for the next six months in their 1970s camper (!!!), and they want to make your wedding part of their trip. But don’t confuse this couple’s artful eye and ride for anything less than total professionalism, because with Shaw Photography not only do you get midnblowing photos, but you also get them back in a couple of weeks.





WHERE/HOW MUCH:Now in   New York, but in October 2015 they’re packing up their two dogs and some of their stuff   to travel the United States in their 1977 camper. They’re going to Kentucky first, and booking weddings and portraits anywhere north or west of Kentucky as they continue with their journeys. Which means if you thought you were in one of those areas where getting an incredible wedding photographer would mean doubling your budget just for travel alone, then your luck has turned! Plus, Shaw Photography is giving an exclusive APW special of $450 off any collection if you mention this post (valid for weddings between November 2015 and October 2016). Wedding coverage normally starts at $3500 for six hours of non stop coverage with one photographer, a USB drive of the edited high-res images, and a personal reproduction release for printing at home, or you can get both Christina and Brian for $4,000. Elopements start at $1,850 and linen-wrapped albums begin at $850.






I’ve been to weddings where the wedding photographer only did the some minimum of what they were supposed to do.They did only the biggest moments and some of the details. The rest of the time not worth of mentioning. Shaw Photography will give you the opposite of that. You can tell that just by seeing some of their newly weddings that these guys get up in the action. Like on the ground, climbing mountains, almost getting hit by the piñata up in it:




But the one thing I love most about Christina and Brian’s artistic philosophy is that they don’t phone anything in. There’s no script, no shot list, no determined trip for how they’re going to do your wedding. So they can roll with more formal weddings like this, and then turn around and kick ass at a mountaintop elopement .