I am addicted to you - Christian Louboutin Has A New Line Of Lipsticks 1

Christian Louboutin Has A New Line Of Lipsticks, Photos

The end of summer is continually discouraging, yet in any event beauty addicts have something to anticipate once the leaves change: the launch of Christian Louboutin’s second beauty collection.

The internationally famed footwear designer, who initially dipped his (sharp looking) feet into the beauty pool a year ago with a nail polish line, is situated to release a truly sumptuous lipstick collection in the fall, and from what I know, it will be worth putting something aside for.

Louboutin’s presentation lipstick line brags 36 shades in three unique compositions, each propelled by completions on the designer’s most coveted for shoes and totes: Sheer Voile, Velvet Matte and Silky Satin.

The hues in every collection change €” put something aside for a signature Louboutin Rouge in every as a gesture to his famous crimson-soled shoes.

The bundling is just as noteworthy. Meticulously made to be as lovely as it is useful, every scaled down gathering was made because of a particular motivation (think: 1920s style and customary oriental configuration).

Basically, they’re gorgeous.

The pieces accompany secondary caps that transform into necklaces for those of us who need to get the biggest bangs for our bucks (and, um, at $90 a pop, that is essentially everybody).

The collection will hit Saks Fifth Avenue stores in September. Until then, take a look at what’s in store underneath, and begin saving those paychecks.