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Earring lovers – How to choose that perfect earring

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Choosing that earring that perfectly fit with the shape of the face, is not always an easy thing – some are too long or too short, some are too much or too little …

They should match the shape of the head, point out your good side so it is important to carefully choose earrings. Here are some tips that will help you choose the perfect earrings, and will make you look stunning.

Earring for Round face

Face width and lenght almost the same. The face is usually the widest at the cheeks. Thin, long, angular and sinuous earrings will give elongation to a round face. Avoid small, stud earrings or similar that stay only in the earlobes, big chunky earrings, hoops or ear cuffs without drops.

Earring for Heart-shaped face

Heart-shaped faces are strongly taper toward chin, which tend to be pointy. Broad forehead may be a prominent feature. To provide a balance, ladies with this shape of head should wear earrings with a small pendant, drop shaped or oval earrings with a small chain. Also good are earrings that are wider at the bottom and look triangular. With this you’ll achieve the visual effect – expanded chin and reduced forehead. Avoid round ones like hoops and heart-shaped earrings.

Earring for Oval face

Face that gracefully tapers toward chin, wider forehead. Pretty much the ideal face shape which will fit all types of earrings! However, the only thing you have to be careful with are very, very long and thin earrings – there is a possibility that these will unnecessarily elongate the face.

Square face earring

Forehead, cheekbones and jawlines have almost the same width with this shape of face. A square and bony jawline is a prominent feature. In order to soften this, it’s good to wear medium size earrings with rounded edges. Winning shapes are round or oval hoops – it will give the face curvature. Avoid earrings with strong colors and sharp edges.

One of the general rules for earring selection is – choosing earrings that are in contrast with the shape of your face!