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Chocolate facts – the interesting things about the sweetest thing on Earth

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Chocolate is the piece of pure joy and heaven, that we are all absolutely crazy about! Our best friend through all bad break-ups and irreplaceable company for watching movies with friends or our loved ones. But there  are chocolate facts that you certainly don’t know about this sweet and they are quite interesting. So, let’s begin:

How the chocolate is made

Did you know that cocoa beans grow as the seeds of a fruit  and they require special preparation before they become chocolate? “The chocolate” trees grow only in certain areas such as West Africa, Southeast Asia and central and south America. Since those trees are fragile they cannot be climbed, farmers must cut the pods down and pick up the pulp covered seeds manually.

“By hand” method is still the most efficient and tasty way of making the chocolate. The chocolate seeds are then wrapped in banana leaves and left to be fermented. The beans are then allowed to dry in the sun and they are now ready to be shipped around the world.


Chocolate facts – Health benefits of the chocolate

Dark chocolate is proven to be beneficial to our health. Weekly intake of dark chocolate can reduce the risk of heart failure up to third, concluded by Swedish study. Dark chocolate also reduces the cravings for fat and other sweets and help us control our insulin sensitivity, which means it is our great ally in prevention of diabetes.

Special substances  called flavonoids, that are present in dark chocolate increase the flow of blood to our brain and help us think faster and more focused.


Chocolate myths

There are still some myths about chocolate that scientists try to prove wrong. And, for some, they succeded!

Chocolate causes migraines

Scientists proved that there is no correlation between a chocolate and migraines, although the chocolate is often accused of being a trigger for headache.

Chocolate causes acne

Many people think that chocolate causes acne, but in fact, some other food is responsible for skin problems. Food that is salty and rich in fact actually worsens the inflammation process in our body which is responsible for acne problem.

We hope that you find these chocolate facts interesting!