I am addicted to you - Chloe Bags are an absolute hit right now 5

Chloe Bags are an absolute hit right now


Paris has always been a true hub of fashion. Unlike many other brands, the Parisian ones have a certain easy feel to them €“ they are chic but in an effortless style that grants them a special allure. When we have all that in mind, it is no wonder fashionistas all over the world turn their eyes to French capital when seeking new trends. And if Parisians love one thing, it’s their Chloe bags.


These bags became a must have among the crowd that displays interest in fashion. Beginning of this fad can be traced back to the iconic Marcie bags. After them came Drew and Faye bags €“ and now The Hudson is the most popular one. All of these are of course Chloe bag brands, and they perfectly showcase a kind of handbag addiction the world is coming through right now. On Instagram, one of the popular hashtags is #chloeGIRLS where women put their bags on display for the rest of the world to envy them. No doubt that seeing them only wakes up the urge to buy them in those women that don’t have them yet.


They are small, they are stylish and they are fabulous! With the trademark Parisian unpretentious beauty, you can combine these bags with almost anything. Thinking about wearing the classiest blazer and skirt for your office meeting or a job interview €“ throw in a black Chloe Drew bag and you will only look even more professional! Same goes for clubs and parties, a sexy dress will only make you look even more attractive with a classy Chloe bag swung over your bare shoulder. Once again, these bags show us that if we want to indulge ourselves with fashion accessories, City of Light is a place to go.