Handmade Goldfish Bags

Check Out These Fascinating Handmade Goldfish Bags

These extraordinarily beautiful handmade goldfish bags just prove once again that the fashion expression is a true form of art.

Atelier Iwakiri is the fashion name behind these simply stunning homemade goldfish bags. The bags, that are made in a shape of long-tailed goldfishes, are a big fat must-have for all the animal lovers with the appreciation for the distinctive sense of fashion. These elegant and sophisticated handmade goldfish bags don’t only look like giant fish, they are also designed so carefully and made of a material so smooth that they can truly mimic the movements of a fish swimming through the water.

These quirky handmade goldfish bags are so realistic and beautifully unique

Each of these unique handmade goldfish bags is made of smooth leather and they come in two sizes – there’s large, which costs 118,800 yen (US$990), and there’s also a smaller version that is priced at 75,600 yen. But can we even expect for such an involved and handy craftsmanship masterpiece to carry a lower price?

The bags also feature some gold fixtures and an adjustable strap that can be shortened and tucked so that your shoulder bag can become a clutch or a handbag, depending on the occasion.

Since, naturally, the making of these beautiful handmade goldfish bags can take time, they can only be bought by placing an order via the studio’s official website, and the delivery can take somewhere between two weeks and six months. But if you ask us, it’s totally worth it. Because, really, where else can you get such a fashionable good luck charm?

While this piece of art definitely made our head spin and reserved itself one of the front seats on our wishlist, we must inform you that these handmade goldfish bags are only one part of the stunning variety of handbags in this Japanese fashion studio.