celebrity makeup failures

Celebrity Makeup Failures – some are just too obvious!

Celebrity makeup failures, is it even possible? Considering the fact how many people take care of their look. They have their own stylists, hairdressers, makeup artist and much more. Some even have professionals teaching them how to act in public.

So when you take all that into consideration, how is it possible that something goes wrong? Obviously it is possible! Well, no one is perfect. Even the best ones will make mistakes, sooner or later. But when celebrities are involved this really should not happen. They are constantly exposed to the public. It is ok for them to look as they want when they are at home or free of duty. After all they are just people and have their own right to relax and walk around the way they feel comfortable. But when they are at some kind of an event or in public by business, it is whole another story. They are expected to look beautiful, even perfect. Unfortunately that is not always what we see. There are different failures all the time.

Sometimes it is their hair that looks just terrible. Sometimes the way celebrities are dressed and many times their faces look like they didn’t heard of a mirror.

What we are actually wondering why in the God’s name no one tells them that something is wrong with the way they look or the way they have their makeup on. Maybe they don’t want to get involved or they simply enjoy seeing them in such an edition.


Let’s see a few celebrity makeup failures


1- Taylor Swift

Obviously too much white makeup!

celebrity makeup failuresthecelebrityauction.co


2- Nicole Kidman  

Too much HD makeup

celebrity makeup failuresbeautyeditor.ca


3- Emma Stone  

Extra-light HD makeup

celebrity makeup failureseonline.com


Now you see what we are talking about. God, this is terrible! Girls, don’t forget to take a good look in your mirror before you leave your home.