Perfectly Healthy Hair

Celebrity Hairstylists Reveal How To Get Perfectly Healthy Hair

If ‘perfectly healthy hair’ is a longtime item on your beauty wishlist, it’s time to finally cross it by learning and embracing a few simple tricks that will make your hair glow with health.

Get the perfectly healthy hair by following these easy rules that celebrity hair stylists swear by

 According to the celebrity hairstylist, Jen Atkin, applying a hair mask before your workout can help save your hair from drying out. The mask ingredients will help push the moisture into the strands of your hair and seal it in before the salt from your sweat has a chance to dry it out.

Another golden rule comes from Chad Kenyon, the celebrity colorist who says that every time you moisturize your face, you should also apply a couple of drops of some light oil to your hair, starting from the middle of your hair and scattering it towards the ends. This routine helps keep your hair hydrated and silky.

Who would ever say that you can get perfectly healthy hair with all the volume you wish for simply by massaging your scalp? Well, apparently that’s exactly what affects the hair growth and integrity if we’re to believe Charles Baker Strahan, Herbal Essences celebrity stylist.

Did you know that the hair conditioner can jump in as a last-minute help when you realize that you’re short on the styling products? Jennifer Yepez reveals that the conditioner is perfectly helpful for taming the baby hairs if you’re trying to get sleek braids or a neat ponytail.

Another mind-blowing and incredibly useful advice comes from Tippi Shorter, Aveda global director for texture. She says that keeping your leave-in conditioner in the fridge provides your hair with extra shine! It’s definitely worth trying.

This last one will shock you, but it will also help you get your perfectly healthy hair you’ve been dreaming about – if we’re to trust George Papanikolas, Matrix SoColor stylist. He says that adding sweetener to your hair dye helps protect the scalp from the irritations.