celebrity dogs wedding

Celebrity dogs from Instagram got married

Two celebrity dogs from Instagram decided to get married! Ok, they didn’t, but their humans did and it was the most beautiful pet wedding ever!

The whole ceremony took place in New York City’s High Line hotel. Some say that it was even more glamorous than most people’s weddings. Toast, a Cavalier King Charles and Finn, Dutch hand/Chihuahua mix fell in love instantly when they first sniffed each other at a charity gala for the Human Society of the United States, an amazing organization for protecting animals.

Toast and Finn are rescued dogs from puppy mills that have a huge fan base on Instagram. Toast has over 300,000 followers!

Their fairytale began in Central park where the two “Love birds” usually met chasing the bones and sniffing around all the interesting things in a dog world. On her wedding, Toast was wearing a branded Marchesa  wedding dress that was custom made.  Marc Drendel, the president of the Canine Styles  said that the company designed all the collars, leashes, and tuxedo to round the looks of the famous pair.

Many of the celebrities attended this famous celebrity dogs wedding, bringing their own puppies to the big event. Gossip columnist Cindy Adams came and model Lindsy Ellingson brought her dog Carly the Cockapoo. Real Housewife of New York Radziwill also came with her adorable dog, Baby.

Celebrity dogs wedding was for the good cause

The host of the ceremony was online wedding registry Zola that gave the portion of proceeds to the National Mill Dog Rescue, a non-profit organization from Colorado that rescues, rehabilitates and finds homes for discarded breeding dogs.

Many of the guests were in a belief that this started a whole new trend in canine weddings. Toast’s mom Katie Surino  thinks that this is just a beginning and that it will be a much more celebrity dogs weddings in 2016!

We hope that it will be for the good cause, such as this one!