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Celebrities you did not know were from Canada


If you are a Degrassi fan, you certainly know Drake is a Canadian. You likely know that Justin Bieber is Canadian too. But the sheer amount of talented musicians, actors and other celebrities that hail from Canada is probably not known to you. Here are some of the A-List celebrities that just happen to be from the Great White North.

Seth Rogen :

Is in predominantly Canadian company, as many members of his clique are his countrymen €“ Jay Baruchel, Michael Cera and Evan Goldberg.   Country always had strong comedic exports as Michael Myers, Jim Carrey and Dan Aykroyd are also from there. The actor identifies strongly with his Canadian roots, and says that new things faze him over and over again in United States.


Ryan Gosling:

one of the dreamiest guys on planet Earth, is also a Canuck transplant. He even starred in the comedy show American Talk on MTV, in their Oh Canada edition, where he debunked a great many stereotypes about the northern country.


Pamela Anderson:

Is probably the biggest surprise of this list. Baywatch star is born in Ladysmith, British Columbia but often gets statements that she looks like a typical Cali girl. It is completely true, as handsome blondes with that beach girl attitudes are what everyone thinks when California is mentioned.


Will Arnett:

Is a Toronoto native and probably the world’s biggest Toronto Maple Leafs supporter. He loves the team so much he even starred in the team’s highlight reel.


Kim Catrall:

Is born in Britain but moved to Canada when she was only three months old. The Sex and the City star is now involved in the production of the new show called Sensitive Skin. Her twitter bio describes her as a Liverpool born Canadian bred New Yorker.