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Celebrities Who Rock The Global Pixie Haircut


Short pixie haircuts are the obsession of many stylish celebrities at the moment. Be itblack elegant haircut AnneHathaway prefers or the wild spiky and sexy hair Miley Cyrus often wears €“ they look good on everyone, especially if specific people style them toward their own unique appearance. Here we will take a closer look at some celebrities who absolutely rock the pixie hairdos!



Rihanna loves to let the bangs grow on her pixie do. Usually, pixie haircuts are spiky and messy in a chic way, but Rihanna gave it her own twist and dolled it up a bit, and it managed to give her an irresistible sleek look.Movie star Anne Hathaway customized her pixie haircut by adding a few gentle touches. The final result is a elegant and subtle hair, which goes perfectly with the star’s pretty skin and small frame.



Emma Watson is probably one of the first celebrities to popularize the pixie haircuts, and she continues to rock them to this day. She quite often adds a hint of blonde in there too, making her look absolutely stunning.Famous music star and party girl Miley Cyrus loves to wear her hair short, spiky and wild €“ and it sure does look great on her. Her hair is androgyny too, and can be worn with basically any combination.



Follow in the footsteps and get yourself a trendy pixie haircut. Besides looking good they are very manageable, you will be ready for the day ahead in no time when you wake up. You can brush it put a few pins in it if you want to achieve the classy look, or just go wild and free with it if you’re going out to a club or anywhere less formal.