Celebrities That Look Better With a Few Pounds More

What does look better to you? Skinny or curvy woman? Sure, tastes are different, but there is a limit when it comes to both. It is not good to be too skinny nor to have too much body weight.

Maybe this is exactly what should some celebrities think about. Because it is not healthy being any of these two options. We will show you celebrities that have chosen the first option, to be skinny.

Some celebrities lost lots of pounds and it is not only worrying, it really does not appear attractive.


Here is the list of some famous woman that would look better with a few pounds more:


1- Demi Moore



2- Denise Richardslookimage.dnevnik.hr


3- Emma Stonelookcrnobelo.com


4- Eva Herzigovalookimage.dnevnik.hr


5- Jennifer Connellylookimage.dnevnik.hr


6- Angelina Jolielookimage.dnevnik.hr


7- Kate Bosworthlookimage.dnevnik.hr


8- Nicole Richielookcrnobelo.com


9- Renee Zelwegerlookhttp://republika.mk


10- selma blair