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10 Celebrities Who Actually Support Donald Trump

While only until a short time ago it was quite unimaginable that anyone could ever support Donald Trump together with the incredible amount of ridiculous stuff that comes out of his mouth on a daily basis, truly nothing can surprise us anymore.

There were days when his orange face, fake hair and funny lifestyle used to make us laugh. However, the things aren’t funny anymore. His political campaign, often branded as fascistic for its aggressive discourse that attacks all the minorities and everyone who is incompatible with its delusional, abrasive and too often unethical tone, is increasingly rising worries. And while it’s clear to many that this type of political propaganda only leads to violence and dangerous social polarizations, there are still (way too) many people who support Donald Trump and his ideas that would be joke-worthy if they weren’t shocking and scary as they are. And some of them are famous.

Check out which celebrities publicly support Donald Trump

#1. Sylvester Stallone

Rocky, even you? Although the famous actor insists that he doesn’t belong to any political party, in an interview for the Variety magazine he stated that he’s a big fan of Trump. Go figure.


#2. Fran Drescher

The most famous Hollywood nanny apparently admires him for being funny and having the guts to speak up his mind and say out loud the things that others don’t dare to mention. Well, maybe some things are better left unsaid, Fran.


#3. Dana White

One more vote for Trump.


#4. Kid Rock

Yeap, even Kid Rock.


#5. Mike Tyson

Friends will be friends.


#6. Hulk Hogan

Yes, he too thinks that Trump would be an awesome president.


#7. Stephen Baldwin

Mister Baldwin apparently thinks Donald Trump would make an excellent president.


#8. Dennis Rodman

Trump and Rodman, who would have said.


#9. Aaron Carter

This long forgotten ‘star’ managed to get back into the spotlight for a couple of minutes by announcing on Twitter that he would vote for Trump.


#10. Sarah Palin

Well, they do seem like a perfect match to be true.