Carrot Salad

Carrot salad – for strong health straight from Paradise!

The carrot salad – divine taste and amazing help for your health and immunity!  We are sure that you have already read a tons of articles about the quality of the food that we are eating and about pollution and toxins! We are living nowadays under a lot of stress: did we pay our bills, do we have enough money, do we have enough time to devote to our loved ones… And through all our hectic, busy days we don’t pay attention to what we eat! And people, this is crucial!

Majority of our health problems come from not eating well or not eating quality food. And after all  the junk food we eat, we still ask ourselves what went wrong when we get sick. And the wrong thing is  when you eat a food of poor quality you don’t give your body enough of vitamins, minerals and all that good stuff that your body needs to function well. And where are the vitamins? Mostly in fruits and veggies! That’s why we prepared for you a recipe for something that will boost your immune system and be extremely good for your health!

Carrot salad – vitamins delivery straight for your health

Carrots are awesome for your eyesight and your vision! They contain a substance called beta-carotene which the body uses to make vitamin A, which is one of the most crucial vitamins for our health! Beta-carotene is also a miracle worker for those who want to stay young! It fights the free radicals in our body, molecules that cause  many health problems and damage our cells.

Vitamin A and antioxidants from the carrots protect the skin from sun damage. These are just a few from many benefits of carrots such as: preventing heart disease, cleansing the body, helping prevent the infections…

So, take a look at this simple recipe and do something really good for your health and health of your loved ones!

Carrot Salad – Ingredients (4 people)

€¢ 2.2 lbs of carrots
€¢ 10 medium cloves of garlic
€¢ 5 tablespoons finely chopped parsley
€¢ 2 oz of vegetable (or sunflower) oil.
€¢ 1 oz white wine vinegar
€¢ salt and pepper to taste