I am addicted to you - Cameron Diaz Friendship Quotes 5

Cameron Diaz Friendship Quotes

Cameron Diaz Friendship Quotes

Cameron Diaz has no lack of acclaimed companions. Not just has she been a movie industry fixture for more than 20 years, however she also has a standout amongst the most nice, carefree personalities in Hollywood €” who wouldn’t have any desire to hang out with her? A year ago, Cameron pulled the quintessential BFF move by shielding Drew Barrymore against a radio host who raised her past battles with drugs and liquor, and numerous stars €” including Drew €” have been just as vocal about how extraordinary a buddy Cameron is to them. Cameron’s group of close companions demonstrated their affection for her when they set up her an astonishment party for her 41st birthday a year ago, and were close by when she got married with Benji Madden in January. We’ve gathered together the sweetest quotes from and about Cameron Diaz, straight from her famous girlfriends.


1. Nicole Richie

Nicole on setting Cameron up with her brother by marriage Benji Madden: “I’m going to assume liability for everything! I am a dedicated sister-in-law. I’m cheerful for any individual who is glad, and I need everybody to be encompassed with adoration.”


2. Drew Barrymore

Cameron on Drew’s huge heart: “She has the most astounding heart. She is one of my nearest sweethearts, however the way she adores the individuals around her is truly uncommon. She is so giving of herself thus tolerating of others. She has made this group for herself. She didn’t generally have a strong family, so companions are her family. She truly cherishes on that level of simply unequivocal adoration. What’s more, her companions around her adoration her in that way too. She is one big heart, Drew! She doesn’t even wear it on her sleeve; it’s similar to she is just a heart.”


3.Reese Witherspoon

Reese on Cameron’s astute identity: “Cameron is such an entertaining, splendid gal. She’s a unimaginably sharp, business-minded lady, however she masks that side of herself. It’s her mystery adjust inner self.”


4.Stella McCartney

Cameron on Stella’s passion: “She’s rad, she’s so great. She truly considerations, [designing is] her passion, she cherishes it, she puts her complete self into it. She’s made such an awesome brand. Also, I think she truly remains solitary. What’s more, she doesn’t stop! Also, she has four kids. Also, a truly nice looking spouse! What’s more, she’s such a hands-on mother, as well. She’s superwoman. You know how she isn’t that right? She has genuine adoration for what she does. She’s generally glad; she generally has such a great amount of satisfaction in her.”