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Cameron Diaz Fitness Routine

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Cameron Diaz Fitness

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Cameron Diaz Fitness Routine

The holidays are officially over but those extra pounds seems to still be glaring at us in the mirror every day. Well I know one person who surely doesn’t have this problem, the lovey Cameron Diaz. Cameron is infamously known for her talent and success as a comedic actor but widely envied for her well maintained bikini body over the years. Luckily her trainer Teddy Bass, has been rumored to have shared the scoop on her workout regimen for  Cameron Diaz Fitness  . The competition is on because we are going to let you in on what was released in the interview that he had with Instyle Magazine.

Teddy is known for doing a lot of cross training and his workout style mixed with Cameron’s athletic determinations, makes for a dynamic duo and a well-toned body as a result;

Good Diet:

Teddy stressed on the importance of a well monitored and balanced diet. What’s the point in exercise if we put it all back on our plates at lunch? Breakfast made the list as the most important meal and dinner was cautioned to be the lightest, during this time our metabolisms seem to be significantly slower.

Working Out Those Arms:

Dead lifts, this routine can be performed in two ways, depending on your physical limits. The conventional way is by using an Olympic bar but dumbbells can stand in as a substitute.

Rock Hard Abs:

The Cameron Diaz Fitness secret ingredient here is €œPlanking €, for those of you who don’t know, planking is one of the best methods in working out your core. There are many accommodating positions so even the beginners can add it to their workouts. If you don’t find this challenging enough then do like Cameron and add a medicine ball to the mix.

Look At That Butt:

We all know about doing lunges but how about some €œReverse Lunges €, but that’s not all €¦. How painful does reverse €œDumbbell € lunges sound? If you can already feel the burn then then it would be worth it. No pain no gain!

Killer Legs:

Mountain Climber- this is the perfect total body exercise that utilizes your core as you would be starting from a plank position. It also calls for good balance, coordination because your usually doing them quickly it’s more or less a cardio vascular movement. So there it is, your look inside  Cameron Diaz Fitness workouts.