Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Ignores The Backlash And Goes On With Its NSFW Ads

People today will get offended by anything. Literally. So of course that Calvin Klein together with its new provocative set of ads served as just another trigger for some to get mad.

Calvin Klein definitely does know how to ruffle some feathers, however, this time, the brand managed to start a whole storm of outrage online with its newest campaign that can be described as somewhat sexually charged. But the guys are trying to sell some underwear, after all, aren’t they? And everyone who has ever been in any business set to earn money knows that sex sells. So, why are people so shocked really?


Calvin Klein makes people angry… Again


It’s not the first time Calvin Klein found itself in the middle of the storm – the clothing brand has periodically caused public outcries triggered by its racy advertising for decades. That’s what the company’s identity and image are built upon, and how it manages to stay relevant in the age when consumers’ needs and desires get more complex and difficult to satisfy among so much market competition.

The brand’s newest campaign is, therefore, just an extension of their tradition of pushing buttons and boundaries, featuring some pretty exposing images, with the up-skirt shot of a young Dane Klara Kristin being the one to create the most buzz and backlash. While the context of the photo accompanied with the statement: ”I flash in #mycalvins” seems to involve an intention of putting the model in control, and flashing the viewer her own choice, that’s not how the big number of commentators have understood it. Instead, the brand has been attacked via social networks for posting ”sick”, ”disturbing”, ”predatory”, and even ”pedophilic” shots that should be ”illegal”.



And while the brand hasn’t publicly addressed the critics yet, the controversial images remain on their Instagram page. Check them out for yourself and decide if they’re really that much angering.