I am addicted to you - Could Caitlyn Jenner Be the Face of a New Republican Party 2

Caitlyn Jenner Republican Party Support

Caitlyn Jenner Republican Party Support

The race is on for Caitlyn Jenner.

Whether its close to home or political, its another warmth and she’s as of now getting speed. Might her path make her to the strides of the Capitol or a national political tradition? Could Caitlyn turn into the hot pinup girl for another Republican party gathering?

Jenner initially reported she distinguished as a transgender lady in her more than two hour meeting exceptional with Diane Sawyer. Next, she appeared as Caitlyn in a provocative white glossy silk joyful dowager on Vanity Fair’s desired spread. Inside the lustrous magazine, she flaunted her gentility in excellent, Old Hollywood allure outlines and pinup postures.

At that point Jenner thumped President Barack Obama off the Twitter platform by coming to 1 million devotees in the quickest time ever. Notwithstanding for a 1976 Olympic decathlon gold medalist, popular society unscripted television star and expert race car driver, her online networking win is truly a deed.

I am addicted to you - Caitlyn Jenner Republican Party Support

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In any case, when Caitlyn proclaimed she is a traditionalist Republican, she headed into the befuddling junction of superstar, promotion, diversion and legislative issues. The GOP is broadly known for restricting ladies’ rights, same-sex marriage and other LGBT issues.

“An all the more fascinating and energizing aspect regarding Caitlyn Jenner is that potential she needs to connect these two universes of diversion and legislative issues,” Log Cabin Republicans national official executive Gregory Angelo said.