brown smokey eyes

Brown smokey eyes are again beaty trend

Brown smokey eyes are again beauty trend! Well, smokey eyes will always be trendy! It’s maybe because this makeup style is totally glamorous! In a few minutes, you can turn to a chic woman and be ready to live your life to the fullest!

Brown smokey eyes – delicate and sensual

If you are a fan of this incredible makeup style, but you don’t want the strongest black on your eyes, then brown smokey eyes are the perfect solution for you! You will still get that fabulous look, yet it will not be “too much”. The brown color is certainly not that intensive as black. Its delicate nuance will be amazing if you have hazel eyes. My personal opinion is that the brown smokey eyes are the best for girls with hazel eyes. All the nuances, both of the eyes and the makeup just blend together and make a fantastic mixture.

However, you shouldn’t give up even if you have blue or green eyes. Sometimes, the color contrast will do the visual magic! This makeup style will be great for the evenings because of its specific texture. Although many of us would want to wear it all day long, because we simply like it, this makeup style is not for daily makeup.

You should avoid smokey eyes during the day because it will certainly send the wrong message. Heavy makeup for the daily occasions can even make you look older! You should be aware of that especially if you are in delicate years  when you want your makeup to be your best ally, not your enemy! Another important fact is that smokey eyes cannot be that effective during the day since the daylight reveal every single detail and it spoils the mystery, which is the main strength of this makeup style.

We prepared for you an easy tutorial where you can see how to make brown smokey eyes in just a few minutes! Enjoy!