I am addicted to you - Bridal Makeup Tutorial 2

Bridal Makeup Tutorial


Doing your own makeup has a lot of benefits. Of course, hiring professionals is a viable option if you have money to spare and just want a job well done. However, each and every makeup pro has his style that they tend to incorporate in every job they do. That is, after all, why they are best of the best €“ they are recognizable and do quality work. But, often times we have a certain style in mind and just want to make it a reality.   Weddings are certainly one of those events in life where you want everything perfect, and you already know every detail in your head. Searching for makeup tutorials is time consuming and exhausting, and if you are a bride, you already don’t have time to throw around in the first place.


First and most important piece of cosmetics is of course the foundation. Definitely make sure your foundation does not have any sunscreen in them because that is what causes that unnatural glow in photographs. You will of course take a lot of photographs and if you use non-sunscreen foundations they will look way more natural. Make sure to use a wide, big brush and apply it from top own to your jawline.


Next, use some concealer. If you have naturally smooth skin you will not need a lot. Of course, apply the most under your eyes where dark circles for and on the corner of your eyes as well.   Now is the time for mascara, use it liberally according to your eye shape and color. Lipstick should be subtle and lightly colored. If your wedding dress is classic white use some light eye shadow bellow your eyes and also on the arch of your bow. If you use fake eye lashes make sure to get some that look the most natural.