breaking up with someone you love

Breaking up With A Person Who Thinks You Are “The One” – How To Do This?

Breaking up is never easy! We all know this. Whether you are the one who is leaving the relationship or you are the one being left.

A Broken heart is something that hurts as hell, we’ve all been through this at least once in our lives! You do remember those lonely nights and questions ‘what went wrong’, ‘Am I to be blamed for this’, ‘Does he/she still love me?’… Yes, we all have pretty the same questions when someone is breaking up with us.

breaking up with someone you love


What happens when we are those who are leaving the other person? And especially in the situation when this person thinks ‘You are the one’?

In the human nature lies the tendency to avoid unpleasant  things. If you are the one breaking up with another person, you will certainly feel bad and try to avoid to tell that person in the face, because you will  feel more comfortable by texting or sending an email, for sure  – which is so wrong!

Let’s take a look at some valuable tips how to do this and not shatter the heart of another person.

1.Breaking up in person

This is the golden rule, because, think this way: love is a precious feeling and it’s rare nowadays! This person clearly loves you and gives you this incredible emotion and the least you can do for her is treat him/her with respect! Breaking up face to face is not the easiest thing, believe me, but it’s certainly the most honest one!

The person who will be left alone deserves to receive an explanation and be treated with honesty.

2. Be honest, give the true reasons

Only the true reasons can give the other person a closure! The truth will free both of you and will prevent misunderstandings. By knowing the truth, this person can move forward with his/her life.

3. Don’t give false hopes

This is maybe the worst thing you can do! Many people do some kind of half-break ups leaving the open door so, maybe they can come back again. They leave other people half-way and prevent them to live their lives. They basically imprison them in the false hope that someday they will be together again. Don’t do this! Especially to the person who thinks you are ‘the One’.

That is not only unfair but it can deeply hurt the other person in the long term. Just tell him/her that is really, really over and that it is your final decision.

4. Don’t stay friends

Yes, you will be tempted to say this famous sentence ‘We can be friends’, but that’s not a solution. Especially for a person who thinks you are the perfect match! By seeing each other after breaking up, people never really detach. For you, it may be easy since you are the one who has fallen out of love, but for the other person, it can be a vicious circle of constant pain, desire and torment.

In simple words, be gentle and be kind and put yourself in the other person’s position! Love is a beautiful, incredible emotion which can be a sweet honey but also a sword in our hearts!