Brazilian Zouk Dance

Brazilian Zouk Dance – The Most Passionate Dance In The World

With the Brazilian Zouk dance gaining more and more popularity in the U.S. we find it not only fit but necessary to introduce you to this sensual rhythmic sensation. Brazilian Zouk dance, also called zouk-lambada, is a social dance of Brazilian origins derived from famous lambada that was so popular in the late 1980-s.

At the mere mention of Brazilian Zouk dance, we imagine bodies in smooth motion and close embrace, joined by the view of a woman’s flowing hair, long graceful steps, bold hip movements and wild spins. And, while often described as sensual, Brazilian Zouk dance is not sexual, or erotic. It combines a broad combination of music – including dub step, reggaeton, R&B and even hip-hop. It is loved by people of all ages and danced at the dance schools, night clubs and various events around the world. And there are a few important reasons why!

These are the 3 reasons why people go crazy about Brazilian Zouk dance

Making steps and moving with another person as one can feel somewhat uncomfortable at first. However, Brazilian Zouk dance develops a great connection between the two dance partners, making them trust and rely on their fellow dancer and teaching them to know their companion simply by the way they move.

The closeness of the dancers’ bodies in fluid, graceful and synchronized motion is another thing that makes Brazilian Zouk dance so passionate. The whole dance is based on a pretty close proximity which provides the dancer with the full support of their dancing partners and makes the rotating and moving together easier and beautifully flowing.

The zouk music is another reason that draws so many people to Brazilian Zouk dance. The word ‘zouk’, meaning ‘festival’, or ‘party’, also refers to the particular music style of the Caribean. However, today being produced all around the world, the zouk music offers a truly exciting variety of different, attractive and easily liked tones, beat and sounds.

#1  The sensual Brazilian Zouk dance is very popular nowadays

Brazilian Zouk dance

#2 Brazilian Zouk dance is all about the connection, proximity and rhtym

Brazilian Zouk dance

#3 Passionate and smooth

Brazilian Zouk dance