The Bravest Red Carpet Outfits

The Bravest Red Carpet Outfits that you’ll ever see

Beware, because when we say the bravest red carpet outfits, we actually mean celebrities wearing not much more than nothing. It’s difficult to be original in the age when almost everything has already been tried. The reason why celebrities are being flattered with a distinguish name ‘stars’ is that their job is to amuse and impress.

To be interesting to the public, they have to be the unusual, the untouchable and the unreachable in the world and shine amongst ordinary people. However, in order to be the shiniest stars in the celebrity sky, many of them flash our eyes just a little too bright. Here are the 15 moments when exactly that happened, in the most mouth-opening way.

The Bravest Red Carpet Outfits or…?

You have to admit, many of them are almost on the edge of good taste! The opinions are divided, some of the people consider them to be brave and bold, while others… well, different opinions, anyway! Rihanna is certainly famous not only for her  music  but also for her brave clothing combinations! You can see in the gallery one of her bravest choices. It is for you to decide whether she pushed it too far or is it just a matter of opinion! Nevertheless, she made quite an impression!

And not to mention Bleona Qereti! Well, that’s something! If you wanna intrigue the public to the very maximum, this is the way, guaranteed! But we cannot guarantee that you won’t be judged, especially by the fashion critics!

Kendall Jenner was more subtle, but she revealed too much anyway! Although, we find this dress gorgeous! And we understand that Miley had to grow up and stop being a little, innocent girl, but, come on! Maybe too much?

Some of the ladies played on the thin edge of good taste and ‘what did I wear’ fashion, like Jaimie Alexander and Rummer Willis, but one lady really crossed that line, big time! Rose McGowan! We won’t tell you a word, take a look at the pictures yourself!