Braided bun -easy and fun way for new hairstyle

Braided bun – funny and before all, easy idea for a great look!

We were all making buns somewhere during our lives. Back in time, it was a quite popular hairstyle. Buns were reserved for serious, elegant women who wanted to put accents on their faces and to look neat and tidy.

When I think of buns, one beautiful actress Audrey Hepburn, always crosses my mind as a symbol of style and elegance and her famous sentence: “The elegance is the only beauty that never fades”.

Today, we still use buns when the place requires a certain dress code and hairstyle or when we want to follow pure elegance and to be perceived as someone with superior style. For casual days, a slightly different type of buns can be made. We can make a messy bun that follows casual style: maybe a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt. This could be a great choice for ‘not overdoing it’ so much and still be a great looking girl.

Braided bun – new way to spice your bun and it is easy

Braids are fun and can be a great detail to any hairstyle. With a little practice, braids can be paired with different combinations and hair styles and look absolutely chic!

We bring you an easy, four-minute tutorial that you can learn fast and get some really great idea for a cocktail party or a romantic dinner.

Follow the video and see how it is done. First, she sections of her hair on the back of her head and then she braids it upside down, to the place where her bun will be. This is a cool hairstyle if you have a hard time with your baby hairs.

She then uses ban maker and uses another braid to pump up her look. Really fun and easy way to make your hairstyle for different occasions and it only takes four minutes! Have fun and try this! Your braided bun will be great!

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