born and raised

Two who are not Muslims, born and raised in US- To Donald Trump!

This is a true story about what happened to me, even though I am not Muslim and I am born and raised in the United States.

3 years ago I was beaten to death by a group of guys who were drunk. They were white Americans and soldiers. They also weren’t Muslims.

The unpleasant event took place in Andaz, San Diego. I was on a rooftop standing next to my table and enjoying nice time with my friends. We had a birthday party. All of a sudden one of these American guys pushed my girl on the glass table. I helped her to stand up and I tried to resolve the problem in a peaceful manner, but one guy hit me with a bottle of drink. After a second they all were all over me! I was beaten so hard, I thought I am going to die. When they finally stopped, I was lying on the floor in blood.

San Diego Police Department officers came and started to make a report. But when they found out that these guys are soldiers, they let them go.

I was in hospital and recovering more than a month. Then I got the police report where was written that fight has started on a street. The report  also said that the victim didn’t cooperate and due to the cheek pain was transported into the hospital.

Orlando shooting reminded me on what happened to me. This is so sad. Innocent people were attacked and died because of some sick person.


Do you have security if you are born and raised in US? NO, you don’t!


We all must be aware that you don’t have to be gay or Muslim, or anything else to be attacked. Even if you are born and raised in the US, you are still not save. All it takes is one sick person with some kind of disorder and we all are in danger. They don’t think who will die. Will that be white or black person, which religion you are, are there children in the place they are planning to attack. They will just go by their sick instinct, to harm and kill.

Therefore, I do not agree with Donald Trump’s speech. He will never bring any justice. He is so disrespectful!

I am sorry that so many innocent people are getting killed every day. Not just here in America, but all over the world.

We need a good president, strong and respectful person. The one that will bring order and peace. Who will fix such bad things.

We need a true leader, not a person who will build walls on the borders.

We must be as one in a decision about who will lead us, and that is not Donald  Trump!