bollywood divas

3 Famous Bollywood divas and their fashion disasters!

Bollywood divas are as beautiful as Hollywood divas. In fact we may say they are even more beautiful.  Women from India are known as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

However, they too have their failures when it comes to beauty and fashion.

We were shocked to see some of the most famous beautiful women of Bollywood dressed like they have  never heard of fashion before.

We even found some photos of them with strange hairstyles, not to mention weird accessories and outfits. Unfortunately they got lots of bad and negative criticism over their look.

But in this case we cannot blame photographers to give those photos to public or to give bad comments.


Let’s show you top 3 Bollywood divas with their fashion disastrous look


1- Kareena Kapoor



2- Rani Mukherjee


3- Vidya Balan



We have no idea who their stylists are, if they even have one. But it is about time to change them or find one.

When you are in the world of fame where you are exposed to public all the time, you have to take care of yourself or let others do the job, but the real professionals.

People who have chosen such a life, must deal with the fact that they should look great. Even though that really shouldn’t be the case. But this is how our world and people are functioning. We all would like to look like celebrities. On the other hand we cannot wait something to happen to them so we can enjoy their failures. And that is the sad fact. Everything goes around this.

If you ask me, let the people live their life as they want. The rest of us should mind our own business. Hope at least some of you out there agree with me.