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Body parts insured by celebrities- just ridiculous!

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Body parts insured by celebrities are just hilarious. Again we do ask ourselves, what they were  thinking?

However, for them it is a totally normal thing and it lasts for the last 100 years. Not only they insured their body parts, but they did it for sums that will shock you. And they still do.

Different celebrities are insuring their body parts, for example models, musicians, sport players, actors, etc.


Here are some celebrities and body parts insured by them:


1- America Ferrera- insured her teeth for 10 mil $



2- Miley Cyrus- insured her tongue for 1 mil $

body parts


3- J Lo- insured booty anywhere from 27-300 mil $

body parts


4- Heidi Klum- insured her legs for 2.2 mil $

body parts


5- David Beckham- each leg for 35 mil $

body parts


6- Daniel Craig- whole body for 8 mil $

body parts


7- Madonna- her bust for 12 mil $

body parts