Body Painting Art

8 Exquisite Body Painting Art Ideas You Won’t Believe Are Real

Body painting art, unlike tattoos and other kinds of body art, is temporary and lasts only for several hours. Although there are some special body painting art techniques like mehndi and ”henna tattoo” that can last up to two weeks.

And while these body tattoos don’t last much longer than the time spent on their making, they are definitely worth all the time and effort.  They never fail to impress and leave us admiring the limitless human imagination.


Body painting art – turning human bodies into most stunning pieces of art

Body painting art has the power of turning people into walking canvases and creating the most breathtaking optical illusions and striking creative art pieces that look almost too unreal.

This body decorating technique has been used for thousands of years in many cultures all over the world to demonstrate the links between spirituality and the body, and to commemorate important events like birth, ageing, death and weddings.

Today, there are many various forms, themes, styles and purposes of body painting art.  However, many artists use the body art as a mean of returning to a more spiritual link with their life or rediscovering the meaning of their life through a distinct form of artistic expression. Thus, a body painter is not only a painter – they are conceptualists, directors, choreographers, and photographers, all in one. Through the body painting art, they express their personal thoughts, actions, fears, dreams and history.

The main idea of body painting art lies in the attempt to create a piece of art that has a life of its own. Also, to  create an illusion that can’t be made using merely costumes and makeup.

Body painting art is nowadays used in various areas of work, from fashion and film industry to product advertising.


Check out some of the most beautiful body painting art ideas


1- Creating a new life

Body Painting Art


2- A bikini that isn’t really there

Body Painting Art


3- Back to nature

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4- Incredible body art

Body Painting Art


5- Autumn

Body Painting Art


6- Catch me if you can

Body Painting Art


7- Is this even real?

Body Painting Art


8- Just beautiful

Body Painting Art