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Body detox – how to be fit and healthy

The winter is still here and some of us are still lazy, we have to admit that! All these months of unhealthy food, our body craves for body detox!

Every once in awhile, you should treat your body with a full detox and that means changing some of the habits that we all have! Instead of tons of sugars, artificial sweeteners and fast food, you should focus on healthy alternatives and boost your rejuvenating processes in the body.


Body detox – tips for a healthier lifestyle


1. Help your body fights toxins using high quality food

Treat yourself with food that has good ingredients in it! Veggies and fruits are always the best choice when you want to do something really good for your overall health. They are rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential for a proper functioning of your body. They also contain antioxidants, which are substances that help your cells stay healthy. They represent the major help in battle against free radicals that cause the premature aging and damage to your body cells.

2. Always have breakfast

For a good and fast metabolism, the breakfast is of crucial importance! If you don’t skip your breakfast, you will have more energy during the day and you’ll have less chance to eat more than you should. The breakfast will keep your sugar levels at optimum, so you won’t crave for sweets. Your body will be more prepared to get rid of the toxins accumulated over time.

3. Drink plenty of water

You are probably aware how much the water is important but we cannot stress enough the importance of water for your beauty and for the overall well being of your body. Hydrated body means healthy body! Try to make a habit of drinking water more often and you will soon see the results.

4. Exercise

It is really important to exercise regularly! Take at least half an hour a day, twice or three times a week to do your exercise and you will get rid of all the toxins that run through your body. Many of the toxins will be eliminated through perspiration!

Be fit and stay healthy, girls!