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Blake Lively’s New Haircut


Sometimes we get so mesmerized with certain celebrity haircut’s it seems every child, girl and woman starts ordering it from their stylists. That happened with Rachel when Friends was a thing, and that is happening now with Blake Lively’s gorgeous blonde wavy hair.


Blake is an American model, actress and celebrity homemaker best known for her role in TV show Gossip Girl. Her haircut recently been voted as the most popular long haircut in the United States by Elle magazine.   Not only it became iconic, but it helped her land her most famous role as Serena van der Woodsen in the aforementioned TV show. As it is wise, Blake never really dabbled in her wining haircut style, apart from a few minor changes in color and shade. She certainly did not change the length €“ that is up until now.


She was photographed on the streets of New York recently wearing a significantly shorter, bob styled haircut. Luckily, color hasn’t changed; she still had her famous shade of dirty blonde. It is somewhat uncertain whether the haircut is a wig or her natural haircut. It is quite possible she is wearing a wig since the current project she is working on is a brand new Woody Allen movie. The movie will feature Kristen Steward and Bruce Willis among others, and it is rumored to be a set in 1940’s. The time period of the movie certainly explains the recet change, since bob haircuts were hot in the period.


We are certain Lively will be able to pull off any hair style she chooses to brand, but still feel a bit nervous if the most beloved long haircut in America has become a piece of the past €“ no matter how utterly fantastic the new blonde bob haircut looks on her.


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