I am addicted to you - BLAKE LIVELY DESIGNER OF A NEW BAG 1


When I was little girl, my mother made me a Winnie the Pooh scarf with my name, “Becky Rose,” on it. It was my number one scarf until I left it on a bus during a school trip. (If you found it and would like to return it, please contact me here; thank you.) When you are Blake Lively’s daughter, your mom designs a stylish diaper bag, names it after you, and sells it on her website for $860.

This is the “James Bag,” a leather diaper bag that you can get through   Blake’s Preserve site.

According to the website, the bag is made from “premium Horween leather,” is “premium plaid lined,” and includes an “imported RiRi zipper from Switzerland.”

Because why take your baby’s diapers and wipes in a simple old, non-premium plaid-lined diaper bag? Blake designed the bag herself and it was crafted by Sandast, a design house owned by Chris Pak. Blake discovered Sandast after the company made some purses for her character in The Age of Adaline.

So if you are looking to modern your diaper bag game and you happen to have $860 somwhere and want to spent it, Blake has you covered.