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Black Wedding Dresses – Would You Wear One?

Yes, black wedding dresses, you read that right!

Wedding! That big day in our life that simply must be special and breathtaking in every single aspect. And the number one in this story is? The wedding dress, of course. The bride is the one who must shine and leave all the guests speechless. How she will manage to do that is up to her, but also up to many specialists around her. Some brides are creative enough to do everything by themselves, but let’s be honest – most of them will prefer to use some help. Because no matter how creative and innovative you are, this event is so stressful that it’s easy to begin to feel like you’re going to lose your head, literally! So, it is the smartest idea to leave everything to experts, after all.

There are many things which must be taken care of, but today, let’s focus on one particular and the most important item of all – the wedding dress.

It is well known that the white dresses are something most brides will choose. Even though within last decades, we’ve seen all kinds of dresses, in colors and with different prints. However, what is not a common thing is the idea of wearing a black wedding dress.

As many other controversial things these days, black wedding dresses exist too.

Of course, it is all about the taste, so why not? Why not wear a black dress? Probably because many will follow traditional things. Brides in a white dress and groom in a black suit with white shirt.

However, if you think it through, a black dress can be as glamorous as the white dress. We only have to start to be more mind-opened and less conservative.

Yes, it is hard to change ourselves and the way we look at things and tradition. So, jumping from white to black when it comes to a wedding dress is something that is a big bite for most of you out there, and we admit it is understandable. We must give some time for this idea to be adopted.

On the other hand, there are always those people who are open to all sorts of ideas and this might be a great thing for them. Since the subject is a wedding dress, we are targeting women. Women who are brave enough to do something like putting on a black wedding dress. There is no doubt that many women said WOW right now.


Let’s give some examples of black wedding dresses for all of you with that big WOW on their minds


1- Sexy  

black wedding



2- Elegant

black wedding


3- Fairy tale

black wedding


4- Breathtaking  

black wedding


5- Gothic

black wedding


6- Amazing

black wedding


7- Vintage

black wedding


After seeing all these dresses, you probably found one for yourself. We are sure that the ones who were quite skeptical at the beginning of this post, now have a completely different view and opinion about the idea of wearing a black wedding dress. Maybe you are not ready to wear it at your wedding, but you probably agree that these dresses are amazing. And this is already a big plus. So, the point is that we don’t have to follow all the traditional things all the time. It is good to give a chance to something new, from time to time. Everything changes as the years go by and who knows what weddings will look like in 10 years. The white wedding dresses might even end up being a matter of the past. Will black wedding dresses replace them? Who knows, maybe. But one thing is sure, they will be used more, as other colors of dresses too.