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Bizarre restaurants of America! Definitely should visit them

Bizarre restaurants are something what should not surprise us considering the fact that America has many of them. But you probably wonder which are and how come people like to eat there or even spend time within such places. But they actually do! Most of them will get us back to the past when things were totally different what is actually quite cool. And some are weird enough to make you just turn around and go to find some other place to eat. What ever the case is, we are sure you will find at least one as per your taste. Go there, and you can even share your experience with us.


#1  Tommy Gun’s Garage, Chicago

 Tommy Gun's Garage  €“ ChicagoVia

It is perfect for those liking Al Capone and 1920s, since this restaurant is in such a style.


#2  Ninja €“ NYC

Ninja  €“ NYCVia

Great place and you could have some cool experience there. Meals are tasty but watch out of the ninjas, they are even on the ceiling.


#3  Harvey Wahbangers, Texas

Harvey Wahbangers, TexasVia

Ideal for students because they can grab some meal and do the laundry.


#4 “Jekyll & Hyde Club”, NY

"Jekyll & Hyde Club", NYCVia

A gothic style and everything is in that scenario. Even the stuff is dressed to totally match the time. You will enjoy eat your favorite meals there.


#5  Casa Bonita, Colorado

Casa Bonita, ColoradoVia

Casa Bonita is never ending place of fun and  entertainment. Especially if you are a fan of  South Park.


#6  Magic Restroom Cafe, LA

 Magic Restroom Cafe, LAVia
 This place has bathroom touch but the weirdest are toilet sits.


#7  Sci-Fi Dine-In,  FL

Sci-Fi Dine-In, FLVia
 This place offers sits in old fashion cars, from the time of 1959s. There is also a movie screen. This place reminds on your parents’ time.

And this is our list. Hope we did surprise you, at least a little bit.