Charli Baltimore

Biracial celebrities- you will never guess who they are!

We don’t often talk about biracial celebrities, but there are many and finding out about some you definitely will be surprised. Many different origins can bring so many beautiful faces. We are sure you will agree. And some are not just beautiful but very hot!


#1 Adriana Lima

She claims to be beautiful mixture of Swiss, Brazilian, African and native American.#1 Adriana-LimaVia


#2 Keanu Reeves

 Even though very famous people don’t know much about where he was born. He was born Lebanon but as well has Hawaiian, English and Chinese heritage. Who would have said, right?
keanu reeves


#3 Pete Wentz

His origin is from Jamaica.pete wentz


#4 Mariah Carey

Her father is African/American, and mother Caucasian.mariah careyVia


#5 Slash

The member of famous Guns ‘N’ Roses Slash’s mother is African-American and his dad was white.slashVia


#6 Nicole Richie

Peter Michael Escovedo is her father even though she was adopted by Lionel Richie.
Nicole RichieVia


#7 Derek Jeter

One of the best athletes mother is Caucasian and father African-American.Derek JeterVia


#8 Troian Bellisario

Star from “Pretty Little Liars” has mother who’s origin is African while father is Italian-Serbian.Troian BellisarioVia


#9 Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

His mom is Samoan and dad is African-Canadian, and The Rock is hot!Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)Via


#10 Wentworth Miller

His father is English, Jamaican, Cherokee, Jewish and African American. Now this is quite a mixture!


#11 Rashida Jones

Peggy Lipton and Quincy Jones’s daughter.Rashida JonesVia


#12 Rosario Dawson

She is known as African-American but as Latina too. Her mother is Afro-Cuban and Puerto Rican.
Rosario DawsonVia


#13 Vin Diesel

His mother is European but his dad is black man, it is said.Vin DieselVia


#14 Jessica Szohr
She has African American origin.Jessica SzohrVia


#15 Meghan Markle

Father is black and mother white.
Meghan MarkleVia


#16 Cash Warren

His father is Michael Warren- black man.
Cash Warren