Ivy Park collection

Check the trendy sportswear from Beyonce’s Ivy Park collection

Ivy Park collection is the newest exciting surprise that Queen B decided to cheer us up with, and we couldn’t be any happier.

Beyonce just released a video promoting her athletic Ivy Park collection

Beyonce just gave us a first look at her fashion line named Ivy Park collection, made in collaboration with Topshop. The two-minute long commercial released on Thursday made us very excited about the superstar’s sportswear collection that will be available online and in stores on April 14 and that reportedly consists of 200 pieces! In the video, Beyoncé showcases some of the key looks from her Ivy Park collection, working up a sweat together with her squad made of fitness enthusiasts clad in effortlessly cool active-wear.

If anyone can make young women around the world jump and dance all over the place, it’s Beyoncé. Until now, she did that mostly with her hip-switching tunes and incredible dance routines that leave people breathless – not just those who dance, but also the ones that watch. This time, however, Queen B is sending us straight to the gym or for a morning run, with her modern Ivy Park collection that will without a doubt inspire many of us for a workout.

Cobalt blue leggings and matching logo-emblazoned sports bras, chic print jackets, cheeky over-the-thigh socks and sleek, polished bodysuits – we can totally see ourselves wearing that for our next workout. Thanks to her awesome Ivy P. collection you will be the most stylish bunny in the gym, without having to empty your wallet – the prices of Beyonce’s sportswear will range from $30 to $200.

Check out Beyonce’s stunning Ivy Park collection and get ready for dramatically expanding your sports clothing wishlist.


1- Beyoncé’s new Ivy Park collection

Ivy Park collection



2- Ivy Park collection contains 200 pieces of trendy sportswear

Ivy Park collection



3- Queen B is back! And she helps us to hit the gym big style

Ivy Park collection