I am addicted to you - Best Winter Hairstyles 5

Best Winter Hairstyles


What you wear in winter is entirely different from what you wear during the summer, of course. With the change of clothes you absolutely need to change your hairstyle too €“ after all they both affect how you look. We are here to provide you with a few hairdo tips for this winter.



If you’re one of those people who simply can’t decide on either wearing their hair short or long, an elegant collarbone-length lob is perfect for you. It’s right there in the middle, so you can easily lift it up with a few pins if you feel like wearing your hair short, or let it loose if you want to flaunt you pretty hair and wear it long. Gabrielle union often wears this do, and you too can take a page from her book and implement it to your look.



Bangs are trendy now, especially the ones styled in the vintage fashion of the 70s. Ciara is a celebrity famous for her bangs, she usually keeps them shorter at the centermost part and then allows them to grow longer near her temples. Rock this do if you want to mix up party chic and formal elegance in your look.



There’s nothing sexier than a long wavy hair, especially so during winter. It goes perfectly well with long coats and leather boots. Clara Delevigne is a perfect example of one such look. If you want to make your hair look similar to hers, use a flat iron to create half-moon shapes in alternating directions. Emma Stone too loves to wear her hair this way, but her waves are a bit different. If you want to style your hair to resemble hers, you shouldn’t curl your hair but bend it €“ just take a flat iron and start making those waves!