6 Best Road Trip Destinations In The USA You Must Visit

If you’re looking for the road trip destinations to visit with you darling, your family or your new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, we’re bringing you a list of the places that guarantee you the most amazing on-road holiday.

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1-Columbia River Highway, Oregon

Just outside of Portland in Oregon, the 74-mile long historic Columbia River Highway offers you an amazing variety of breathtaking waterfalls, mountains, rivers, and bridges, as you travel by the Columbia River Gorge. There is an astonishing wildlife to admire and some free attractions to stop by, like Horesetails Falls and Multnomah.

Road Trip Destinations


2-Historic Route 66, Middle America

This long road is another adventure to try, and the stretch of it passing through New Mexico and Arizona is branded one of the best road trip destinations by many vacationers.

Road Trip Destinations


3-Mount Washington Road, New Hampshire

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, hop to the Mount Washington Road that is 7 and a half mile long and is famous for its rapidly changing weather and the most incredible cloud patterns that make beautiful sky views.

Road Trip Destinations


4-Route 100, Vermont

Route 100 is one of the most popular New England road trip destinations for many tourists, not only because it’s a link to many great skiing locations in Vermont, but also because of its stunning fall foliage and beautiful bright springs. If you’re into lakes, camping, and farms, this is the place to head to.

Road Trip Destinations


5-U.S. Route 1, Florida

If your way brings you to Florida, make yourself a favor and head to the highway from the northern coast of Florida to the Keys and let yourself enjoy the exquisite coastline views.

Road Trip Destinations


6-Black River National Forest Scenic Byway, Michigan

For some of the most memorable road trip destinations with plenty of ski resorts, waterfalls, swimming holes and hiking destinations, make sue you go mark this road on your map.

Road Trip Destinations