I am addicted to you - Best outfits of the week 5

Best outfits of the week


There were plenty of events, parties and common celebrity sightings we witnessed this week. All of them had a myriad of hits in misses fashion wise; and all featured famous people eager to showcase their sense of style, like they always do. We will take a closer look at some of the best dresses of the week.


Rihanna was seen at the Dior Fashion Show in a wonderfully tasty combination of a coat she wore as a dress and high patent leather boots. Light pink was the choice of color she opted for, and her boots were made of tight black leather. What was interesting was her one sleeve was made of fur entirely, giving her a creative and interesting look. If anyone can pull it off, it’s Rihanna!


Lea Seydoux is a newest addition to the elite club of Bond girls, and as such bound to start receiving ludicrous amounts of media attention. She was spotted at the MiuMiu runway show, wearing a ochre python coat and matching dress and heels. What really made her attire is her tasteful makeup, the shade of lipstick she had one really tied her look together.


Kendall Jenner was spotted on the street, between tedious runway shows in Paris. She chose a low-key lux in a Sally LaPointe cashmere wool turtleneck trimmed with fox fur. To complete her attire she chose slouchy pants and a leather backpack. All in all a lovely, classy combination €“ especially for a casual walk on the streets of City of Light.


Zandaya topped her fun cornrow haircut with a lovely turquoise shade Tamara Mellon dress and matching heels. As always, she took risks and completely won us over. Zandaya is generally slowly conquering the fashion world and rarely fails to put a new, daring combination to public eyes.