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Best One-Shoulder Dresses From The Red Carpets


AlberElbaz is the creator behind Lanvin fashion brand that numerous celebrities immensely enjoy to wear. One of the things he loves to do is creating dresses with one naked shoulder. Red Carpets are usually filled with these one-shoulder wonders made by Elbaz, as they look absolutely stunning. Maggie Gyllenhaal, Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Lopez are among celebrity women that absolutely adore this design.



Maggie Gyllenhaal wore a Lanvin one-shoulder dress during Golden Globe awards in 2009. It had a black and deep blue animal print and featured a lovely black belt. She accompanied it with open toe shoes and gorgeous large golden earrings. The dress made her look absolutely glamorous and made her a true star of the red carpet on that day.



Sigourney Weaver wore the Lanvin signature design during Academy Awards in 2010. The star of Alien movies opted for a red dress with a black belt; and the dress was long, sprawled all the way to her shoes. She had a pair of white gold earrings and a matching bracelet too, which only added to her elegant look during the ceremony.



Jennifer Lopez is of course a world famous movie and music star, and she too has a passion for Lanvin one shoulder dresses. She wore one during Backup Plan event in 2010. Hers was a bit shorter than the rest of the dresses on this list, as it went down to just above her knees. It was black and shiny, and she decided to wear a big blue and silver necklace in combination with it. Overall result was a complete success, as little details such as jewelry and a small black handbag only complimented the already elegant dress; not that we expected anything else from J-Lo.