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Best of 90s Spice Girls Haircuts


Nostalgia overflows many when they remember the 90s. It was a different time, when celebrities wore whatever they wanted and literally faced no scrutiny even for the most eccentrics choices. Spice Girls in many ways were the embodiment of the entire era, their fashion hijinks were the stuff of inspiration to a whole generation of girls. They especially excelled in various fun and quirky haircuts.



Victoria Beckham in particular showed us how to play around and have fun with various hairstyles. Ever since 1997 she showed us a million extensions, wigs and creative appliance of hair products. There was even a rumor going around that all of her hair accessories could buy an entire house!



Geri Halliwell was another one of Spice Girls singers that often changed haircuts. Also known as Ginger Spice, she wore her signature reddish blonde hair and often stole entire Spice Girls shows with youthful energy and cute outfits.


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Baby Spice was the cutest of them all, with her blonde hair and pigtails. She let her hair grow wild and free, and flaunted her style in adorable ways. She would often mix it up too, and wear a pony tail or let her hair loose.


Melanie C or Sporty Spice presented female empowering and independent strength. She wore sporty clothes, jerseys, baggy shorts and sleeveless shirts.  When it comes to hair she kept it simple, long dark locks, sleek ponytails and at times some short bob cuts.

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Mel B was dubbed Scary Spice by the media back in the day, but we do not think the nickname suits her at all. There is nothing scary about her! Mel managed to enrichen our lives with lively curls and sexy attires that looked smashing.   Animal print was her choice a lot of times, and she pretty much made curls popular €“ for which we all are still grateful!