marriage proposal ideas

The best marriage proposal ideas in one place

This article is actually for guys and for some brave, courageous women who know what they want and are not afraid to ask! After all, it is the 21st century and these marriage proposal ideas will be useful for both man and women. However, we have to admit, it is more romantic when a guy pops the question and amaze us with some creative idea that we will remember our whole life!

The best marriage proposal ideas or how to impress her

Well, guys, you certainly don’t have an easy task! At least, you did the hardest part – you found a girl of your dreams with whom you want to spend the rest of your life with. The only thing left is for her to say yes! You want to make a unique marriage proposal, something super romantic that she will remember her whole life. Not to mention that you want to be original. Don’t know where to start? We present you some of the most creative marriage proposal ideas:

1. Outdoor marriage proposals

These ideas are great because relationships should be fun and they should be all about experiences and adventures! Outdoor ideas provide you endless creative opportunities to get her say “yes”.

Hiking trail proposal

If you are a fan of the mountains and your girlfriend loves them too, what would be a better way then popping the question at the end of the hiking trail? It is a symbol of your journey together and the view would certainly be magnificent . She will be amazed, for sure!

Beach proposals

If you two are passionately in love with the ocean, marriage proposal on the beach can be an incredible experience! You can ask her to play a game with you! The task would be to compete with each other who can  draw a better picture in the sand. You can write a question in the sand and ask her to marry you.

Proposal at 35,000 feet

If you want to be truly unique, you can try to ask the question at 35,000 feet! Yes, you read it well! Plan a trip just for her. Pick her favorite destination and when you are on the plane ask flight attendants to use the loudspeaker system and ask her the most important question!


2. Indoor proposals


Throw a party at home

If your girlfriend is very close to her family and friends, it will mean a lot to her if you include them in your proposal. You can throw a surprise party at home with the closest family members and friends and have them carry balloons with the letters from the phrase ” Will you marry me?”.

When she enters the room, she will see the message and all people that she loves in one place! Great idea for an ocean of tears (tears of joy, of course) and a “yes, I will” answer.

Use glow-in-the-dark star stickers on your ceiling

This is amazing and easy to do idea, yet really original and creative one. Use stickers that glow in the dark, and make “Will you marry me” sign on the ceiling. She will be so surprised and so amazed!

We hope that we helped you a little bit with the most creative ideas for your proposal. Wish you the best luck!