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5 Awsome Tricks For Best Lashes Ever

Best lashes is something every woman wishes and every woman can have them. All you need is to know a few things and learn about some tricks that will help you to have best lashes.

There are some myths when it comes mascara. Myths in which women believe they actually work, but they don’t. We will give you 5 tricks for better lashes. These are the ones which truly work and you can try them out this moment.


How to have best lashes in 5 steps:


1- Do not pump it

It is  believed that by pumping you will get more mascara on the wand and manage to put more on your lashes. Like that they will look bigger. Wrong! By pumping you will create air bubbles in mascara tube and it will dry faster.



2- Do not apply too much

Going over the lashes 2-3 times is good. That will add to a volume and will separate them properly. But what is wrong here is that women re-dipping the brash a few times to get more mascara. By doing that things get clumpy. So, put the brash once in a tube, go over your lashes 2-3 times and that is it.



3- Use primer  

Always use primer before makeup, it is a great base for your lashes because it will add to volume.



4- Use an eyelash curler

It is a great tool that adds volume to the  lashes. Myth? It pulls out lashes or cut them. Well, not true. It gives them volume and they will look great. Just use a quality curler and use it properly.



5- Always remove mascara

Many women come home late and they do not remove makeup. No matter how late you come home, or how tired you are, remove all the makeup. Having a mascara over night will cause them to break but this also can cause some irritations to your eyes.